Adsense Suspended | Alternative Solution | Got My First Payment

Hi Friends, how are you all? Hope you are doing well. Today I got my first payment from Google Adsense.

It was Tue, 3 Dec 2019, 04:18 when I got the Suspension Mail from Google Adsense. I earned around 80$ after 6 months of working with AdSense. It was very shocking when you don’t know what is your fault and you can’t join AdSense again. I was totally blank when I had a long-term plan with AdSense. 

Adsense Disable Permanently

What next? A lot of google search for a solution and then I appealed for “Invalid activity appeal” but it was rejected. Then I decided to add my mother as a publisher, But most people told on internet that your account will be suspended soon if you add ads code to the suspended app again.

So, I stopped there and added Facebook Audience Network(FAN) in my app. But FAN earnings are very less as compared to Admob. It took almost 9 months to earn my first 100$ from Facebook. After two months of use of FAN, I was very frustrated viewing the daily earnings. I decided to add my mother as Adsense Publishers and added FAN as a mediation ads network. 

In the initial phase, I found that AdSense imposing Limited Ads on a regular basis but It does not mention the problem exactly. It just mentioned the ads limited for invalid activity. Then I got a message on FAN that one of your ads fails to meet the quality. Then It mentioned exactly that banner ads which fail to meet quality. Then I remove that ads from my app and the ads limit from Adsense is resolved. I also getting very low amount of invalid click. Most of the the clicks are regarded as intended clicks.

I added my device as a test device to avoid any accidental click and never break a single policy of google AdMob/AdSense.

Summary Solution: Adsense suspended? Ask someone close to you or a family member to create an AdSense account and use it in your app or website and never violate a single policy of Google. Identify the problematic ads from FAN and remove that ads. Ads your mobile as test device to keep yourself safe on any unintentional mistake.

Alternative Solution

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