Cool Mobile Gadgets | Never Missed It | Under Rs 1000 (Updated)

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The smartest things you can do right now is to avail amazon cashback offer and buy your favorite gadgets online between a range of 77 to 1000 Indian rupees.

Hello Guys, What's up! I came here with new Gadgets updates you can buy online in India. So, without wasting any more time, let's explore the Gadgets list. If you are a lover of mobile accessories then these products should be in your buckets. You cannot afford to ignore it.

1. Mobile Lens:

You will be surprised after watching the picture of your own phone especially you use the microscopic lens. There is a range of price according to product quality. If you are a professional mobile photographer you can go for high range. Visit the link to check it out in details.

Buying Link: - Rs. 219

2. Mobile Zoom Lens:

One of the major drawback of mobile photography that mobile does not have optical zoom capability. I know it needs to keep a different lens at a certain distance which is not possible in a small device like a mobile and you do not have a budget to buy expensive DSLR and Zoom Lens. So, it that case you can buy a mobile zoom lens.

Buying Link: - Rs. 2,116.92 - Rs: 655

3. Mobile Tripod

If you want to shoot a video without shaking your camera it the best thing to buy.

Buying Link: (Rs. 1299) (Rs. 399)

4. Bluetooth Receiver

It will help you to make any audio system wireless. It works on Bluetooth technology.

Buying Link: (Rs. 189)

5. USB to OTG

Use your pen drive useful. Connect your pen drive directly with your phone via this OTG cable.

Buying Link: (Rs. 649)

6. Power Bank

To supply power at the most needed time od your life.

Buying Link: (Rs/- 879)

7. Wireless Speaker

A music lover who wishes to enjoy high-quality music should never miss it.

Buying Link: (Rs/- 999)

Buying Link: (Rs/- 649)

8. Virtual Reality (VR) Viewer

Enjoy 3D movie at your home. It's called virtual reality.

Buying Link:

If you feel this list useful just click the link and buy your product, and Don't forget to share it with your friends. If you have something else in your mind please comment below.

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