English Grammar and Vocab - Best Apps, Plugins and YouTube Channel

A language is consist of words and the sequence to use it to form sentences. So, after alphabet the basic building block of a language is words. The learning process of a language includes words stocks enhance and grammatical knowledge to use this word properly. The learning of any language includes three phases. Beginner, advanced and professional. At the beginner level, you have to enhance your vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. Where you will know commonly used things in the intended language. You will learn read short story and try to form simple sentences. You will learn the name of animals, flowers, body parts, daily used utensils, etc. At the advanced level, you will read the proper use of words. You will read the newspaper, watch a tv show, etc. You will learn frequently used words. At the pro level, you will read a story, watch tv series, news, movie, etc. 

We have come here with a list of apps which will help you enhance your knowledge in the English language. Each app has some specific advantages. Some are designed for grammatical knowledge gain, some are developed for word stocks with mnemonics, some are created for fluency enhancement and so on.

We have chosen these apps and study sources which are good in quality and easily available in free of cost. We have also recommended a list of apps, youtube channel, browser plugins, etc.

My personal suggestion for you to build a strong vocabulary you should start with one-word substitution. You will love to read it. Once you progress a little, you should choose idioms then phrasal verb, and lastly word with meaning. In case of a word with a meaning category, you should first learn those words which you have already heard but don't know the exact meaning.

For MCQ style of learning you can use English Vocabulary Builder app. It is developed by us. Hope you like it. 

Best Dictionary Apps and Plugins

1. Google Dictionary (by Google) Plugins  

If you are a PC user then you should use a Google dictionary plugins. It will show you meaning with just a double click on any words in your webpage. It is a product of Google. It is available with a chrome browser plugin.

Google Dictionary Plugin For Instant meaning

 2. Oxford Dictionary Apps 

Oxford is the best dictionaries available on the internet. This is an English to English dictionary available in offline. Once you installed you do not need the internet for this purpose.

 3. English to Your mother tongue Dictionary 

It is very important to have a dictionary which will give you meaning in your mother tongue. It will help you to grasp the word faster and longer. According to your mother tongue, you can download the dictionary.

Best Apps For Vocabulary Building

  1. GRE Vocabulary Builder - Test Prep  

GRE, GMAT, ACT, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS are the most reputed exams in the world. It is required a good knowledge of English. The words covering here are the most frequently and appropriately used words. The best things about this app are its repetition of words which you made a mistake. So, You will get the word finally. You can practice a lot of quizzes which is an interesting way of learning. You can compete with other users online which is really fun.

GRE Vocabulary Builder - Test Prep

  2. Vocab App: Editorial, Quiz, Grammar, Dictionary  

It one of the most popular apps for preparation for govt exams. WiFi Study has created this app which is a popular online youtube educational channel. You can read the Hindu editorial on this app and with a single tap on any unknown word you can get the meanings.

English Grammar and Vocab - Best offline / online Apps, Plugins

 3. Daily Editorial -Vocabulary & Current affairs 

If you are preparing for any govt job then English, as well as current affairs both, are important for you. You can serve both the purpose by using this app. It will allow reading article from the popular newspaper and with a single click you can know the meaning of an unknown word from its inbuilt dictionary. You can download this app from the play store.

  4.Unacademy Learning App  

It is one of the best apps for preparation for any govt exam online. There are tons of video study material available for free. You have to choose your favorite tutor and start learning. 

  5. Learn English Vocabulary   

This is the best apps for kids or beginners. It represents the picture and word together. It contains only basic words of things we see around us. It contains 3000+ words with pictures.

It is not tough to learn English but it needs a lot of practice and daily involvement with improvement. Once you habituated to learn a new word whenever you found. You don't anything else. If you are a student and planning to prepare for govt jobs. You can find lots of study material, MCQ quiz on general study and many more. If you are from West Bengal and preparing for WBPSC you can visit WBPSC PRO for study material in Bengali. Hope this article helpful for you. Thank you for visiting us.

Best of other Sources For Learning English

YouTube is one of the most important other sources for learning English is YouTube. You can try a different channel of English learning. The popular youtube channel for learning English in fun ways are listed below.

YouTube Channel
Purpose of use
Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons English For Casual Learning 
BBC Learning English English For Casual Learning 
Daily English Conversation English For Casual Learning 
Learn English with EnglishClass101.com English For Casual Learning 
Study IQ education English for competitive exam
WiFi Study English for competitive exam

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