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Hello Guys,

Welcome to Techno-Lobby! Hope everything going fine or at least you can handle yourself☺. Nowadays people know how to take their business online. Yes, I am talking about the ads "Bhai ka dimag mat kha go go". But most of the people have no idea about the struggle afterword. Yes, You can buy a domain and launched the site successfully easily, but it is very difficult to be found in the first page of Google Search Engine. If people don't find you how could the reach you? It is very difficult to build a strong audience base. 

I will help you here to follow the basic SEO tips and strategy so that you can go ahead of others. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If you follow the strategy discussed below, you will have a high chance to grow your site faster.

You can temporarily boost your traffic by advertisement through Google Adwords but for longer sustainability, you have to take help of SEO. Also, Adwords comes with a price which many cannot afford. 

Firstly, you have to know what are the metrics that matter for SEO. I have listed below the important metrics that matter at present.
  • Meta information
  • Page quality
  • Page structure
  • Link structure
  • Server
  • External factors
    If you ask me what are the most important among all. I would say the 'Trending Topics' and then 'External Factors'. Trending topics are something that is searched by a huge audience on the internet at the present moment. Now the questions are how could you get the trending topics? There are some topics which are repetitive like a season. For examples, Sports, Exams, Elections which are repetitive in nature. The best ways to find the current trend visit Google Trends.

    Google Trends:

    If you don't write what people are looking for then how could you get traffic for your sites? So, the trending topics are something that people are very much attracted to. Google Trends is a product of Google is developed particularly to help a user to grow their site. It is a free product. You can get the trending keywords for your next blog post. Even, you can modify your existing web pages according to trending topics wherever applicable. You can find the yearly trends, daily trends, and real-time trends from it. You can get the trending topics of a specific country so, It will help you target visitors of a specific region. [Link]

    Google Trends

    External Factor:

    External factors are something that is not completely under your control. It is one of the most important factors for Google in terms of SEO. It includes the following things.
    • Backlinks \ Referring Domain
    • Blacklists
    • Popularity on Social Media


      Backlinks ( a text with link/ hyperlink) are something that refers to your website from another website. There are two types of backlinks. 'Do Follow' and 'No-Follow' backlinks. In case of do follow backlinks, Google will crawl your site whenever the referring site will be crawled. In the case of "no-follow" backlinks, the reffed site will not be crawled with referring sites. So, "Do-Follow" backlinks are more important than "no-follow" backlinks. If you can get backlinks from a domain with a higher domain rating (Very popular site) it will get you higher authenticity of your site, which will get you more traffic for your site. The number of referring domain is more important than the number of backlinks. For example, if you get 10 backlinks from my website the number of the domain will be 1. You can use simple HTML code to create a hyperlink. You can post this code in the comment box of some websites where HTML comment enabled. It will give a backlink.

      HTML Code for Link Creation:
      <a href=""> Your Text </a>

      If you noticed the picture below, "Great Work" and "Nice Blog" are backlinks from the comment box. There are many sites with higher domain rating will allow you to write a post for their site and allow you to add one or two links for your backlinks. This is called guest blogging. 

      BackLinks from Comment Box
      Getting quality backlinks is hard because most of the case you will not allow getting backlinks from the comment box because it is not HTML enabled comment box. There are many websites that allow you to have quality backlink with a price like an advertisement. You have to work hard and have the patience to build strong backlinks base. Getting backlinks from a similar type of sites which you have are best for authenticity. For example, if you have a technology-based site then get backlinks from other technical sites. Backlinks from the government site, Wikipedia are very high-quality backlinks. Don't worry it needs time.


      Do not comment your links to any site randomly in a very short period of time otherwise, you might be identified as a spammer. It will create a very negative impression on the eye of Google, which lead to the death of your site. It is very hard to change your impression again. So, Get your backlink very slowly. Do not refer your link randomly. Write a proper comment which needs a reference of your link. You can refer the site in your post then comment like "Hey, I read your article regularly. In my last blog post, I have referred your articles. Please have a look. If you like my comments it will make my day. Thank you". So that the site owner might not delete your comment and you will get a new backlink. Do not get backlinks from the adult category website. It will impact you negatively.

      Popularity on Social Media:

      Use your social account for your own growth. You can share your article on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Stumble, Digg and many other social media site. You can easily create a facebook page and can build your audience from it. Write your article on a regular basis and share it in the social network. Consistency is very much matters for audience building. The most popular social site for SEO is Pinterest. It will help you rank indirectly. Write content in Quora and put your link to drive more visitor in your site.

      The factors of SEO which are completely under your control are listed below. If you don't optimize this then you are doing a mistake. 

      Meta Information:

      Meta information or metadata is short information of your content or blog post. It is something based on which Google search will show your article on the search page. Make sure that your meta info also reflected on your content. Try to keep the important keywords at the beginning of your meta information.

        Page Quality:

        It includes the content of pages in terms of words limits, paragraph uses, images with alt information, etc. It also checks for whether your page is optimized for mobile users or not. Do the important words are in bold or not? The best practice to uses 1000 to 2000 words on every page. If it contains more information then break the topics on different pages. Use proper infographics for better readability. Infographics will make your page much user-friendly, but don't overuse it. It might lead your page a slow loading one. One of the best free online infographics creators is Piktochart.

          Page Structure and Link structure:

            Page structure will define the number of heading and amount of text under any heading is sufficient or not. Do not use enormous heading in your page. Use only appropriate heading and the text which appropriately justify the text.

            Link structure will define the number of internal links and external link. Keep your external link and dynamic link with no-follow type. Use alt properties with every single image of your page. Try to avoid repetition of heading.


            Keep your webpage light and fast loading. Nobody likes to visit a website which loads very slowly. In order to do this reduces the number of javascript and CSS files. Load javascript in asynchronously if it does not make any problem.


            We all know great content is the king but without the proper marketing (SEO) nobody going to found your content. Once I hard about a book writer, that he was a top-selling writer but not a great writer. Its means marketing is very important I say more than the content. But, Still content is the king because great content always creates a permanent visitor base. So, write your great content and make it SEO friendly with these simple tips and tools. 

            Thanks for visiting us. 

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