Most Useful Apps of 2019 For Android Smart Phone Users (Updated)

Here are given a list of the most useful apps used by every smartphone users. The best apps available in the market of its kind are discussed below.

  • ES File Explorer
    • Access and manage your file. Most useful features, you can find the space used by the different media file. You can access the shared folder of your computer if both the devices are connected by the same network. 
ES File Explorer

  • Google Drive
    • You can save your favorite photos, videos or file in it up to 15 GB and you will never lose it unless you forget you google e-mail login credential. It is very easy to manage and always works in the background. So, you will not be disturbed by it. 

  • WhatsApp
    • Best way to be connected with your friends and family. It is ads-free. Easy to handle. The app is light weighted.

  • Chrome
    • The best browser and most used browser available with synchronized features with Gmail id. It is a product of Google. Fast and secure.

  • Xander
    • Best file transfer apps available in the market. Ease to use. Work over Wi-Fi.

  • MX Player
    • Best video player with advanced features. If you set it up correctly it can resume the video playing from where you left off in the early session.
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