How to improve computer performance windows 7, 10

How to improve computer performance windows
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Is Your Computer Working Slow?  Improve Performance Of Windows PC:

Do your computer work very slow? You might have a slow processor or less RAM. So, It cannot be improved without the hardware changes. But you always can do something to make it a little faster with what you already have.  We do not make any promise which cannot be fulfilled. We will give you only realistic solutions which can be used by everybody.

Welcome to TechFever! We will discuss a few improvement techniques which definitely make your computer a little faster. We generally have no problem when we use multimedia like watching a movie or listening to a song. But if we use heavy software or a software with the heavy load we face the problem and sometimes windows not responding. It is best do not install software which does not suites with your PC configuration. So, before installing any software read the minimum configuration what is required to use the software.

Now even we use the software which suits the PC configuration we still face lagging issue. So you follow the bellow discussed instruction which will help you to improve the performance of your computer.

Configure Your Computer For Best Performance:

The performance of your computer only depends on your processing speed (CPU) and RAM used on your computer. These are a physical driver. If you wish to make your computer stronger physically then you need to change this hardware. So, physical performance of your computer is fixed. Now think logically. If you notice your windows operating system closely you can find there are many animation or visual effect always working without your notice or you may notice. These visual things always using a part of your computer resource (CPU and RAM).  Now if we compromise this visual effect a little bit and use it for performance improvement. We will get a hike in performance. Now the question is how to do this? In order to set your computer for best performance just go to computer properties. Click on Start WINDOWS and move your cursor on "COMPUTER". Every image represents an instruction. I have added these many images to cover every step. 

How to improve computer performance windows

performance troubleshooter

how to improve laptop performance windows 10

Now if you set the computer for best performance the visual will be highly reduced which make a problem to use your computer and read a text. Even the computer will look very bad. So, strongly recommend you to follow the bellow setup which I personally used at a time. Choose the custom setup and check the boxes which are shown in the image below. Click on apply and ok to save any changes.

Setup Your PC For The Best Performance

Increase Your RAM Virtually:

You can change the size of your RAM virtually. It might make your computer a little slow but it will allow you to run multiple programmes simultaneously which ultimately can get you a better performance. Here your computer memory (slow- secondary memory) will be used a RAM (primary memory - fast). Computer memory is not faster as RAM. But virtually you can improve it. For example, if you have a RAM of 2GB then you can only load (run) program up to 2GB which also include the memory used by the operating system. No, if you add 500 MB secondary memory as RAM now it can load as many programs which combined to 2.5 GB. 

In order to increase the RAM virtually, you need to go to the last image location with a heading Performance Options of visual effectNow go to advance as shown in the image below.

how to improve laptop performance windows 10

how to optimize windows 10 for gaming

Once you setup the configuration as shown in the image now restart your computer to apply the changes. 

Clean Your Temporary Files:

When you use any software it creates a few temporary files in order to run the software. It is used only a temporary basis. This file also helps the software perform faster on the next run. Each and every file managed by OS(Operating System). So, it uses the performance percentage. But our target to enhance the performance of the current situation so we can delete these temporary files and make the computer a little faster. It does not create any problem for any software. Also, you cannot delete the files which are in use. The software will automatically handle what it needed. To delete these temporary files you need to press Windows + R together or press Windows and search for RUN. 

Logo + R 

Now type %TEMP% and press Enter and delete all file from this folder. Make sure that you are on the below path before deleting anything.

Path:   C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Local\Temp

So, Guys that all for now. Hope you like this article. If you like it please share it with your friends and don't forget that you are awesome.

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