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In the World of multimedia, we have many ways and means of the entertaining element. Movies, Tv series, Gaming, Music, YouTube and many more. We all want to watch our favorite movie in our homely environment or sometimes in a theater. Using copyright content without any copyright permission is not legal.

There are many ways to download your favorite content online. I will discuss a few popular ways which generally used by a downloading addicted person like me :P. We don't need to use these means to download for normally available content, but there are some contents that are not available in open browsing. So, we need to search for a client like Torrent downloader. When the file size of the downloading file is very large it is very risky to download it with the normal downloader or default downloader. It can fail at the last moment and you cannot resume it from that moment. So, we need strong downloaders like Torrent downloader for point-to-point connection and Internet Downloader Manager (IDM) for the direct download link.

The most useful downloader is torrent downloader. It is the safest way and you don't need to think about it once you put your download in it. It will always be active until you stop it manually. If you have a better seed for your torrent file that you can get very high-speed than that is allowed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). As you know that even the best thing can be criticized, Torrent is best among other downloaders, but it has also some drawback. If you try to download very unpopular content or very old content then you cannot find enough seeds for your file which may lead to permanently stuck in the downloading process. Torrent download is not safe some time. If you don't have a strong antivirus it's better to avoid torrent download, especially you wish to download any cracked software or game. It might contain a virus and could damage your data or other application brutally.

Including the above problem, there are few more in the problem list. Most educational institute generally blocks torrent port to stop downloading. As you know if there is a wish there will be a way. We have also a solution to this problem. We can use an online torrent client which will convert your torrent file to a direct downloading link. Let's discuss this one by one.

Torrent Download: To download torrent you need torrent downloading client. Few popular torrent client among many is listed below with downloading link.

If you have either of these two, you don't need anything else. You are still free to research yourself.
Once you completed your torrent client installation, you can search on google. Type in google "Movie-Name torrent download" and search it. You can download the torrent file with (.torrent) extension and open it with double click and flow the steps and your download will start.

You can do it with downloading the torrent file by using the magnet link as shown in the image. If you find your download page closely you can find it.
Download Logo
Magnetic link Icon 

1. Search in Google 
2. Go to any link and find your content. Copy the download link and paste it to your download manager.
3. Download it with IDM or DAP or any other downloader. 

Download Torrent by to Direct by IDM with Help of Third Party:
If the torrent downloading is blocked in your institution you can use a by-pass proxy or online torrent to direct downloader as listed below.
These sites also have restricted download, like you cannot download a file with size more than 1GB or bandwidth limitation.

Download by Index Link and Direct Link:
All these problems discussed above can be avoided by using direct downloading techniques. There is a unique way to search for direct download with full bandwidth. Please find the discussion below.

Open google search engine and type as below. In the place of "Your Movie Name" type your movie name. 

Your Movie Name-inurl:(htm|html|php|txt) intitle:index.of "last modified" (mp4|mkv|wmv|avi|webm)

Download Video, Movie, Music | Downloading Ways Tips & Tricks | Torrent, IDM

You can find a link start with "Index". Follow any link and download your content.
1. Search in google by copying this format.
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