Best Video Editing Apps / Software For YouTube [ PC and Mobile Platform ]

Many a time we work with video for various purpose. Sometimes we make our beautiful memory in a theme base sequence in a video file with some background music. Sometimes we create a video to make a presentation. Sometimes we create a professional video for YouTube. Sometimes we use video editing to make short films. So, there is various purpose where we need to edit some video. 

There are two types of video editing software available in the market. One for the advanced user and other for a basic user. Advance software is used in professional movie making and animation creation. It is needed for professional training to learn the software. You have unlimited options with professional software. Whereas basic video editing software comes with preloaded effect, transaction, text styles. You have to only drag and drop the unit to your video or images to get the reflection on it. Most of the software comes with a price or free with watermark in the video. 

There are many software available for video editing both for mobile and PCs. I have listed here most popular and user-friendly software both for Windows PCs and Android Mobiles. 

Video Editor For PCs:

1. Wondershare Filmora:

Best Video Editing Apps/Software For Mobile and PCs

  • Best for low-level computer
  • Easy to use, just drag and drop.
  • The beautiful transaction, effect, and motion effect pre-installed
  • Music Library has awesome collections.
  • Beautiful text motion, Animated element.
  • Split screen
  • Multiple format export options like WMV, AVI, MP4 (H.264 included), MKV, MPEG-2, etc.
  • Direct upload options to social media and Youtube.
  • Fast rendering options.
  • Video compression with a reduction of quality

  • No 3D tracking facility available.
  • Very less customize options.
  • Volume adjustment is available for the whole track not available for a particular time frame.
  • Quality of exported video is a little lower than the source quality (almost negligible)

2. Power Director:


  • Looks like professional software with many customization options.
  • It has a dedicated software unit to edit audio ( like volume graph control, voice modifier, and background noise remover.
  • You can work with 2D, 3D and 360° video.
  • Motion Tracking, Action camera center like advanced features available.
  • Editing is much flexible and lesser limitations.
  • Advanced video editing features like Light balance, white balance, video stabilizer, lens corrections, Edge enhancement, color enhancement, HDR effect.
  • High performing system is required with minimum RAM 4 GB.
  • The inbuilt effect, transitions, and text do not look great like Wondershare Filmora.

    3. Adobe Premiere Pro

    It is one of the best video editing software with many possible customize options. It is not so easy to explore all the options but simple for basic users. It required a very high performing computer to run it smoothly. A laptop is not a good choice for this software. It required a system with 8 GB ram and 4 GHz processors. The system requirement attached below.

    system requirement for adobe premier pro

    Video Editor Apps For Android Mobile:


    It is one of the most popular choice for mobile video editors. This application comes under editor choice category.

    Adobe Premiere Clip
    Power Director

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