Best Social Media / Web Content Generator Tools For Free

Hey Guys, What's up? Hope you doing well. Welcome to another awesome article on Best Free Tools available in the market for Web Content Creators such as blogger, social media manager and a creative social media user. I have come up here with a list of very useful tools which are actually free to use with some limitation and also come with some price without limitation.

These tools are mostly web apps. These apps are helpful for site building, admin works, blog writing, web page optimization, search engine optimization, and many other activities.

This article extremely important for blogger, article writer, social media manager, Memo writer,  Youtubers and all type of web content creators.

Tools for Social Media Content Generator:

1. Grammarly

If you are a content writer and want to avoid any kind of grammatical mistake including silly spelling mistake, then it will be very helpful plugins for you. You can fix your content on the page where are you working. You don't need to copy your article and paste to somewhere else. If you are not strong in English then it the best plugin for you.

 Google chrome Plugins For Grammarly
Google Chrome Extention

2. Piktochart (For Web) / Canva (For Apps and web)

We need graphics and stylish text to make our article more attractive. Sometimes we prefer picture and graphics to represent some kind of information rather than text. Sometimes we quote a beautiful line with a suitable background image or texture. You can create beautiful facebook post, logos, poster, memes and many more. 

Best things about Canva Apps, it has an inbuilt category for almost all social media post like creat post for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp story, Instagram post, Facebook post, facebook cover. It has also options for Poster creation, T-shirt graphics, logo making, presentation making, invitation card making, wallpaper making for PCs, book cover making and many more. I can assure you that everything available on Canva is beautifully created and maintain a high-resolution quality image.


Piktochart is best for report making and graphics design. You can create long infographics as well as A4 size format graphics. Take a look at both apps and decide what suits you best.

If you like to create video content then you can find the best available software for PCs and apps for Android available for video creation.

The apps discussed above are useful for both Social Media user and web developer. The tools are discussed below are particularly helpful and very effective tools for a web designer, blogger, SEO experts.

Ther tools are specially for a web-content generator like blogger, website optimizer, SEO manager, Web site health Tester, etc.

Tools For Web-Content Creators:

1. Google Insight

It a product of Google. You can check the loading speed for your website in the mobile platform as well as in desktop. It will tell you exactly what are the factors are responsible for slow loading (like large image size, number of javascript or CSS is high, etc), what are the things need to optimized of your website. 

2. Structural Data Testing Tools

It is a Google product. You can test your site whether it follows the standard structure. You have put your link and Google will find what is structural error present in your website.

3. Bulk Index Checker

It will help you identify the link is in google index or not. You can check up to 25 URL at once. For that matter, if you wish to get all links of your website you can use "Extract Link" to get all the links of your website.

You can extract all links from here for your website.

5. Backlink Checker

The backlink is one of the most important factors for your website. It will decide whether your web page will rank on search engine or not. You can optimize your website and create a strong backlink profile. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) metrics are very important for ranking a webpage on Google and other search engines. 

6. Seobility

Seobility will help you and guide you to optimize your webpage for search engine (like Google, Yahoo). You can get the following service from this site for free.
    • SEO Check
    • Keyword Check
    • Ranking Check
    • SEO comparison
    • Add a project to crawl.
There are few more software to check SEO and Crawling of a website like screaming frog SEO spider and Beam Us Up. Similarly, for keyword analysis, you can visit  Wonder SearchKeyword Everywhere, etc.

  1. google search console 
  2.  / 
  3. google trends

  4. Google Search Suggestion
  5. SERPROBOT (Unlimited Google Rank Checker)
  6. Plagiarism Checker
  7. Preview in Google Search / Portent’s Google SERP Preview Tool
  8. Responsive Design Checker
  9. OCR
  10. Link Shortner

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